Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Masses of Mergansers

'When you are done at work you need to go out to the mouth of the harbour, there are hundreds of ducks out there.' That was the email that my husband sent me this afternoon. So when I finished work I went home, grabbed my camera and binoculars and set out to the harbour entrance. Sure enough there were little black dots scattered all across the water.

Upon closer inspection they turned out to be Red-breasted Mergansers. They were very shy and as I approached they scuttled across the surface of the water to get away from me.

I sat quietly and eventually they started to move closer. Of course every time a jogger or a cyclist went past they moved away again.

It was pretty chilly and over time my fingers were gradually going numb.

The pretty red headed females had a little more courage and led the way.

Not to be outdone the striking males with their bright white collar soon followed along.

Just love that crazy head crest!

If you think this is a lot of photos - you have no idea!! This is a very small fraction. I wonder what this female is saying to her mate?

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