Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It Hardly Seems Possible

Yesterday we woke up to frigid temperatures, snow covered ground and thick layers of ice on pond and puddles. Exactly what you would expect in the first week of March in Chicago. But today is an entirely different story.

With a high of 67 degrees it seems like a whole other world. The turtles are basking in the sun, clearly enjoying the warmth.

There quite literally is not a cloud in the sky and what a stunningly blue sky it is too.

The Canada Geese are clearly feeling spring in the air as many of them are already paired off.

There are tiny shoots of green appearing amongst the leaves and mud.

The trees are putting huge energy into some fat, round, sticky buds.

The conifers are producing clusters of tiny new pine cones.

And the poor daffodils are very confused and pushing out very early buds.

Even the seagulls are full of the joys of spring, squealing and wheeling effortlessly in the warm winds blowing over the lake.

This certainly isn't a normal spring day in Chicago but you most definitely will not hear me complaining.

Nature Notes hosted by Michelle at Rambling Woods