Thursday, May 23, 2013

After the Storm

We recently took a trip to New Jersey to visit my husbands family. He grew up on the west side of the Atlantic and I grew up on the other side of it so we both have a great fondness for the sea.

 First priority upon arrival, a walk on the beach. To a Brit the concept of restricted access to a beach is a totally bizarre thing but luckily for me we were there before Memorial Day so the restrictions were not yet in place. We had had a big storm the night before so on the first morning there was still a strong wind and a good sea running, although I have to say this would classify as a calm day on the other side of the pond! I love walking along the sand seeing what has been washed up by the tide - that's another weird thing, the tide drop here is a matter of inches, where I grew up it is 20+ feet! so walking the tide line here is essentially walking along the sea edge.

There were a few gulls that viewed me with vague interest, just incase I had anything to eat but soon realised I was a lost cause and took to the wing.

This little Bonaparte's Gull found his own breakfast, fresh from the sea.

After blowing away the cobwebs we said goodbye to the sea and headed off for various family gatherings.
Next day was a whole different picture, clear blue skies and bright sunshine with that brilliant light level so unique to being beside the sea.

There were some odd creatures hopping about on the rocks too!

Scars from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy were still evident in places.

But it was obvious that a huge amount of work had been done and it was still ongoing. Where we were staying the entire boardwalk had been destroyed but reconstruction was well on it's way. The rush being on to get it finished before Memorial Day in order to keep control of people entering the beach!!

Whilst walking along the seafront we encountered this gaggle of geese out for a stroll, Brants I think. They were enjoying the day just as much as everyone else it seemed and were quite unperturbed by all the people around them.

Last stop was the boardwalk at Point Pleasant so that my husband could revisit his mis-spent youth. This area had been devastated by the hurricane but the reconstruction was pretty much complete and everyone was out enjoying the day.

Next time we visit the ocean, next month, we will be on the other side of it and there will be no boardwalks and free access to all the beaches!!