Monday, April 28, 2008


It is almost inevitable I think that when you end
up living on a different continent, from time to time your mind turns fondly to home. It never ceases to amaze me the number of people living in Chicago who see fit to make derisory comments about the English weather! It is the 28th of April and our forecast for Chicago today is freezing temperatures, driving rain, turning to snow later and 30 mile an hour winds! Nice! This from a city that spends eight months of the year buried in winter and then the remaining four months hot and incredibly humid. I must admit I give people pretty short shrift these days when they start sneering about English weather. I make a point of telling them about the palm trees growing in my Mums garden and the fact that she never has to worry about frosts spoiling her plants (never mind the weeks of sub-zero temperatures we endure here!) OK so my parents live right at the very southern tip of the country and, yes, Scotland is a little different from Cornwall as far as climate goes but it just amazes me how many people have this idea of England, and usually it is the people who have never set foot there! Just for good measure, both of these photos were taken near my parents home in England in December - no ice or snow to be seen! Now I am going to put another sweater on and make myself a hot chocolate!

Photo Credits - Dominick V

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