Friday, May 16, 2008


Having said in my previous posting that we try not to accept waifs and strays at work, it seems I am 0 for 2 this week. This little sweetie was found wandering around the streets of down town Chicago, dodging cars, by a young lady on a bicycle who almost ran over him.
For what ever reason the rest of his family were no where to be found so she scooped him up from under a parked car and bought him to the museum. All things vertebrate come under my care so I was the one called to pick him up. He was perfectly healthy and in fine voice (!) so we called our friends at the Chicago Bird Monitoring Network and they are taking him to one of their re-hab centers. In case you were wondering, - its a mallard duckling.
Just another day at the office...........................

Photo Credits - CJT

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