Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It is that time of year again, when the sun gets lower in the sky and the leaves are losing their chlorophyll and turning all kinds of beautiful colours. I do love the Autumn shades and there is a very distinctive smell in the air too.

Usually Autumn in Chicago is rather a non-event. What tends to happen is as soon as the leaves start to turn we have a big storm which blows all the leaves off the trees so we never get the chance to enjoy the beautiful array of colours. This year however, we have been lucky, so far.

And when the trees do eventually relinquish their hold and let the leaves tumble to the ground, if you are prepared to get down to ground level there are still some great light and colour images.

When the colours finally fade there is one ageless pleasure still remaining, to walk outside on a cold crisp morning and walk, run or skip through the piles of crunchy, desiccated leaves! I Love Autumn Leaves ! :)

Photo Credits - CJT


Rambling Woods said...

Good morning...I too love the colors. We got a wind-rain storm and that has pretty much taken care of our leaves. My husband and I sat by the pond late afternoon and said good-by to the leaves and our time outside...sigh...

Celeste said...

Michelle - I know how you feel, it is a winsome time of the year when the days start to get shorter and colder and the vegetation dies back. Hopefully this won't be a long winter and we will soon be marveling at the new buds bursting forth in the spring.