Saturday, February 14, 2009


There are some areas of my life that are not particularly great but there is one aspect in which I am truly blessed. The man I am fortunate enough to share my life with is (in my totally unbiased opinion!!) quite simply, the best in the world. It took me a long time and a lot of heartache before I actually found him but now we are together I relish every moment. Sure we fight and fall out from time to time, I am of the opinion that if you spend your life with someone there are always going to be things you disagree about, unless you have no mind at all! It seems fitting on Valentines day to reflect on my lovely husband. He spoils me rotten - for Valentines Day I have three dozen red roses, chocolate strawberries and we went out for a fabulous meal at Les Nomades If you are ever in Chicago and want a very special treat, this is definitely the place to go, it is very romantic. I hope everyone has a very Happy Valentines Day, and a great weekend.

Photo Credits - CJT


Anonymous said...

Awwwww..That is so thoughtful of your wonderful hubby. Flowers, chocolate and dinner..The trio..wonderful..My birthday is so close to Valentine's Day that we combine the two..But nothing big this year.....Happy Valentines Day to you and hubby Celeste...Michelle

Arija said...

Lucky you!
Mine saluted me with strawberry champagne at dinner, but then it has been a few harrowing weeks for the poor dear and the end is not yet in sight.
Thank you for your support my dear. Each ane every good wish has been of importance.

Doug Taron said...

Well, D. is a pretty cool guy. The fact that I was a partial beneficiary of the chocolates doesn't affect my opinion at all ;-)

Louise said...

Wonderful post! I LOVE to hear stories of happy marriages because sometimes I think I'm the only one who has one because so many of the people I know seem not to.

So happy for you and such a fun and special day!