Monday, March 16, 2009


This is a new meme started by my friend Michelle at Rambling Woods. She wants people to post about nature! Oh OK Michelle - twist my arm!! :)

Today it was actually warm enough to enjoy strolling around outside so I was happy to grab the opportunity and make the most of the sunshine to see what signs of spring I could find. First major change - the pond has thawed and, never slow to make a move, the turtles were swimming.

No that is not a stump, that is a turtles head! If you look really carefully you can see the outline of it's body under the water. There were also numerous turtles hauled up onto logs warming themselves after a long winter buried deep in the mud.

With the thaw on the pond there were feathers floating in the water.

Of course with spring upon us, every young girls fancy turns to love...............

or at the very least, finding a suitable mate!

It would appear that we still have a beaver somewhere in the pond!

There is definitely a sparkle in the ganders eye

as he too looks to pair off.

In amongst the mud and the dead leaves there are little glimpses of green beginning to show.

And the spring daffodils are just beginning to shoot.

When you look as dashing as the male Wood Duck Aix sponsa

The spring task of finding a mate should be a breeze.

For the American Robin Turdus migratorius the highlight of the thaw is that the ground is no longer like stone and he was getting busy searching for juicy little invertebrates.

We are forecast to have temperatures in the seventies tomorrow so no prizes for guessing who will be dawdling home through the park after work tomorrow :)

Photo Credits - CJT


Anonymous said...

Oh Celeste...thank you..this is a wonderful post the Nature Notes. You really covered so much. I do love the wood ducks and three of them visited the pond on Monday.

Louise said...

Fantastic post! I especially love the wood duck and Canadian geese photos. I never really noticed when turtles appeared before. There are no bodies of water near me to even know about them now, but it just seems early for them to me.

Arija said...

What wonderful things are happening in your thawed world.

Carletta said...

A wonderful photo essay of the spring happenings in your world! I too have noticed the birds and geese and ducks pairing up. It seems it's only been in the past two or three days. :)
My daffodils are a little further along than yours and should bloom any day.
I LOVE that first feather shot - beautiful.
I came by way of Michelle's for her new meme. Mine's up as well.

MyMaracas said...

Wonderful photos. My favorite is the first feather shot. Not many people notice the beauty in small things like that.