Thursday, August 27, 2009


I have mentioned before that we have a particularly charismatic box turtle at the Museum called Harrison. During the warm summer months I try to get him and the female turtles some time outside whenever possible to give them some natural sunlight and enrichment.

We are soon going to be having a new temporary exhibit from National Geographic called Critters Cams which shows all the research projects that have and are being done around the world using small cameras attached to various different species of animals. In order to publicize this upcoming exhibit we were racking our brains for an novel idea and one afternoon when I was out in the park with Harrison, watching him rambling around, I came up with the solution. Enjoy!

Here is the star with his special tiny, lightweight camera attached.

Needless to say the local media are delighted with the publicity potential of this piece so Harrison is likely to become even more of a legend!

Photo Credits - CJT
Video Credits -
Filming - Harrison
Editing - Brian
Voice-over - CJT


Rambling Woods said...

Oh Celeste...You can add this to next week's Nature Notes. I loved hearing you talk about Harrison and you know I love all turtles.. Well. Maybe not snapping turtles... He and Scabbers could go on the road... Love them... Michelle

moosh said...

Celeste I really enjoyed the video. I once rescured a box turtle from a rodeway. I wish I had your information then. I should have returned him to the wild in a safe place, but kept him as pet. He did not live long.

Louise said...

Who deserves it more than Harrison? So cool.

I am assuming it's your voice narrating. You are a natural at that!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

OH WOW!!! I loved hearing your voice. You are mezmerizing! You should do the voice-overs for a living. Really!
ANd I love love love Harrison! It was fun 'traveling' on his back and seeing the world through his eyes. What a special guy for sharing his world with everyone.
And what a brilliant idea to choose him to carry the critter cam.

I loved this!