Sunday, December 20, 2009


Chester, our little Hognose Snake has been feeling a bit under the weather lately. We took him to the vet and he is now on a course of injections which I have to give him once every three days. In order to avoid him associating every time he gets handled with having a needle stuck in him we have been making a point of handling him every day for a while. The other day when I took him out, he hadn't been sitting on his heat pad so he felt quite chilly. I figured he would appreciate a little body heat and being as he is just a little chap, the breast pocket of my fleece shirt was a perfect fit.

I don't know if you have ever tried to take a picture into the breast pocket of your shirt while you are wearing it but believe me, it is not easy! Any way Chester certainly seemed to appreciate the warm, dark little space (after the pesky lady had stopped pointing a camera in his face!) and he snuggled in quite happily.

Photo Credits - CJT


Rambling Woods said...

Another great post for the HoH next time around..and the post about Connie getting stuck was really interesting..I am glad that she wasn't hurt and I hope that Chester feels better soon...Michelle

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww, he's rather cute in there.

Good for you taking such good care of him, too.