Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 In Review

I am finally trying to get back into my blog again, a three month hiatus seems suitably inexcusable so I won't try. I'll just start at the end, of the year that is, and hopefully 2011 will inspire me. In the mean time, a whistle-stop tour through 2010.

The year began with a blue moon

We slowly crept our way through the seemingly endless Chicago winter

We welcomed a new member to our family! This is Winston II, he is an Ornate Horned Frog and he is very handsome.

And just when it seemed like the interminable winter would never end

We took a trip to somewhere slightly warmer

Wonderful, spellbinding, spectacular, beautiful Morocco

I fell totally in love with this magnificent country

I ticked off something that has always been on my bucket list - to ride a camel into the Sahara

And I discovered there was something else that needed to be added to my bucket list, and also ticked off! Racing a Land Cruiser along part of the Paris - Dakar route, awesome!!! I did that too.

We had to say goodbye to a dear member of our team at work, sweet, little Scabbers left us.

And when we got over his passing we had to look for replacement(s) - this is Diesel and Spike

I purchased a new steed - Shatan

Our beloved Chicago Blackhawks held us on the edge of our seats all the way through the playoffs

And finally won the Stanley cup

We attended their spectacular victory parade, along with a couple of million other folks

And whilst we weren't watching, summer finally sneaked into Chicago

The tall ships paid their annual summer visit and looked right at home on Lake Michigan

We got plenty of good conservation work done with the endangered Blanding's Turtles

For my birthday I received a truly special gift which I hope I will enjoy for many years to come.

The Bears season was at times rather hard to watch, yes we were at the New England game!

But it certainly had some redeeming moments

Including a new NFL record

And in 2011 the playoffs begin.
And so another year draws to a close

Happy New Year everyone.
And my New Years Resolution? To get back into the saddle with my blog and try to do at least one post per week! Gulp - what am I letting myself in for?
Oh, and that birthday present? Here is a little clue - My Backyard


Kathiesbirds said...

Celeste, wonderful wonderful post! I hope you can keep your resolution! I have missed your posts! Happy New Year! Happy nature! Happy sunshine to you!

Arija said...

Glad to see you back with such a great post. I'm positively green with envy of your Moroccan trip and riding into the Sahara.

A splendid year with so many wonderful things crammed into it.

Have one at least as great this year!

gtyyup said...

You can almost say you were too busy to post your blog!!! Thanks for posting such great stuff though...always enjoy your photos and stories.

So, you have a home in the desert now???!!! Beautiful!

Happy New Year and many blessings to you~

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh your photo recap of the year was visually stunning! So many wonderful things you've done and participated in last year. I smiled at your camel riding photo, because I too rode a camel last year, albeit at at the zoo and not in the Saraha, but it sure was fun nonetheless! :)

haha! Well you knew I was going to ask you about your birthday present, didn't you? I'm off to check out that little hint right now. :)

Happy New Year to you. Glad to see you back again,

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whoops! I made a typo with Sahara.

Speaking of which I have the perfect song on my blog right now, sung by Enigma. I think you will appreciate it, too *wink*


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ok...just got back from Your Backyard, and well, I'm still feeling like I'm waiting for something....another clue maybe?

I think the biggest question, how in the world did someone wrap your birthday present? Did it come with a bow, too?

From the looks of your other blog, it would seem that this birthday present is the gift that keeps on giving. :)