Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Other Christmas Project

What to do for the Mom-in-law's Christmas tree? My Mom-in-law loves Christmas decorations and so when she spends Christmas with us I try to give her her own tree in her room, as well as our usual one in the living room. She loves the sea so I decided to go with a sea life theme.

First off some wooden dolphin cut-outs.

Drill a little hole in them, attach a hanger and then paint them.

Add some blue beads for eyes

And then go crazy with the glitter!

Same idea with some seahorse cut-outs.

And then onto the shells. I picked these up the last time I visited my parents - not many seashells in Chicago!

The trusty glue-gun comes into play to attach hangers and beads. (The glue-gun is such a great invention!)

And then the glitter comes into play again! For some reason I was having camera issues here, so sorry for the blurry images.

Some of the shells need just a touch of glitter to enhance them and make them look festive

The plainer ones lend themselves to a more generous coating of sparkles

I tried to follow the natural patterns on these with the glitter

These were really fiddly and I think I probably ended up wearing more glitter than the shell!

It is only at Christmas that you can get away with all this glitter, and it is fun :)

Finally all the glittering was done

And it was time to put everything onto the tree

I hid the ugly tree stand with a piece of material and scattered more shells around

And voila! Sea side tree

Not sure if my Mom-in-law liked it, she didn't say but I had fun getting in touch with my inner five year old and getting covered in glue and glitter :)


Arija said...

Such charming inventiveness. I hope she was duly impressed!

The pale observer said...

How could she 'not say'? What a great job you did!! Such thought and effort and it looked great :)

Kathiesbirds said...

Celeste, how creative! Love it!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You're the most createive tea bag I've ever seen. Wow! That tree covered in all the sea life ornaments is so pretty! Especially knowing that you made them each with love and so much thought. Too bad your Mom-in-Law didn't say anything, because I would have been all gushy had you done that for me. That's just the way I am, though. a Big sap! lol!