Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Changing Things Up

I am amazed how many of my friends' blogs I have read recently who have either been considering no longer continuing their blog or just feel like they have nothing to say. What is going on? I have felt as if my blog has been in extended death throes for months now but rather than pull the trigger I have been trying to work out why I wasn't spending time blogging any more.
I have another blog which I thoroughly enjoy and, of course, there is also the dreaded facebook. So what gives? Why is 'the rambling' just not happening?
I think I have come up with a solution - I am always posting about work!!! All work and no play............. so a new leaf has been turned. I am going to try to do shorter posts, some photos of something that catches my eye, something that makes me smile during my day and leave it at that for a while. If this involves something at work then fine but we'll see.
And so with that in mind, today's post - fun with fungus.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Fun with Fungus! hehe!

I think you're on to something there.
I love the idea of shorter posts about things that bring you joy or interest you. I may have to try this myself :)

But first I want to do my post on Tsankawi, which promises to be a very long, photo heavy post, but I feel that I must do that incredible place justice.

What can ya do?


Celeste said...

Hi Lisa,
I didn't want to name names in my post but you were one of the people who had mentioned possibly giving up your blog - I really hope that you don't :)
I have certainly been lacking inspiration, and time recently so we'll see how this new set-up goes.
Thanks for dropping by,