Wednesday, August 20, 2008


In a previous post I had mentioned that Harrison the box turtle had a hareem of four ladies, well today it was their turn to go out for a walk in the park. Above is Charlie. We all have a soft spot for Charlie, she was not given the correct balance of nutrients when she was younger (before she came under our care) and so her shell didn't develop properly. If you see her from behind she looks rather like one of those infamous Britney Spears photos where everything is 'hanging out!' Obviously in the wild she would not survive but we are very happy to have her here at the Museum.This is Claire (above). When we took them outside the parks workers had just dumped a huge pile of wood mulch and of course the girls thought this was wonderful. Charlie spent her time climbing up to the top of the heap and sliding back down again - who said that animals don't have a sense of fun?! Pretty Girl immediately buried herself (below.)
Whilst Claire and Gorgeous spent their time tunneling into the mulch and popping back out again. This is Claire peeping

And this is Gorgeous.
When they tired of that they climbed to the top of the pile but by this time Charlie had laid claim to being 'Queen of the Heap' and kept chasing away all trespassers! They seemed to have a great time, Charlie was actually not ready to come in and kept trundling away every time we went to pick her up. We promised that we would take them all out again very soon.

Photo Credits - CJT


Rambling Woods said...

We had a box turtle as a kid and Max used to walk around the yard, but I don't think he was lucky enough to find a girl turtles..

2sweetnsaxy said...

Those were fun pics. We found a couple of turtles while camping once. We couldn't figure out what this sound was. It sounded like grunting but it was none of us. We looked over and they were mating and the male was grunting. We laughed for a good while.

Celeste said...

rambling woods - These turtles do have a good life although the girls are not quite so keen on the 'liaisons' as Harrison is!

2sweetnsaxy - They are definitely not quiet lovers!