Monday, August 4, 2008


This morning we had a violent band of thunder storms that blew through the area. The sky turned black, quite literally. It was far darker at 7.30am than it was at 6.30am, all the street lights actually came back on because it was so dark. The wind howled, the thunder cracked and there was lightening all around us. Once everything had blown itself out I went outside to see the raindrops.They always remind me of jewels as they glint in the light, hence the title of this post. Unfortunately the sky is still very overcast so the light was rather flat, but I think you can see wht I am aiming for.
I love this effect because the rain drops actually look like little planets or something! Not easy to catch as the wind was still blowing the grass around so one minute it was in my viewfinder and the next minute it was gone so I never quite knew what I was going to get!
Of course there was a down side to going out after the storm - the mosquitoes were everywhere so I have several bites to show for my time outside. They do seem to find me quite irresistable damn them!
Even the birds around the pond seemed a little subdued by the storm, they were all sticking very close to the edges and not moving around very much which is pretty unusual for this time of the day.
Funny really, I have never liked diamonds but I find the ones created by raindrops to be quite perfect (and considerably cheaper!)

Photo Credits - CJT


Naturegirl said...

Celeste I think we are kindred spirits...we view the world in a similar way! I also love the diamonds
created by raindrops! I've had an abundance of those gems the whole month of July in fact it's raining right now as I type this comment.
Your bee photo as well as all your images are wonderful to view!
Thank you for commenting on my blog which leads me back to you! :) NG

Celeste said...

naturegirl - thanks for dropping by and for your encouraging words. Seems that we too are getting an abundance of raindrops!