Sunday, June 21, 2009


There is a path which goes round the entire coastline of Cornwall, it stretches over six hundred miles and covers some breathtaking scenery. Over the last few days we have been hiking various pieces of it.

It is not easy hiking as the path follows the numerous valleys and coves so when you are not scrabbling down one side, you are slogging up the other!

But the endless carpet of wildflowers and the wonderful views are well worth the effort.

This was one of our rest spots, talk about a table with a view!

As I have mentioned previously the seas around Cornwall are known for being particularly dangerous to shipping, for many years a lot of the local people made a good living from wrecking!

There are many lighthouses along the coast.

Some stand lonely sentinel on a rock out at sea and others teeter on the cliffs edge, all working hard to keep passing ships safe.

This one at Pendeen is particularly appealing to me, in part because of its 'Dr Zeuss' foghorns

There is a sign nearby warning of hearing damage if you stand too close to them when they go off! Ouch!!

Another constant feature is the endless chain of old tin mine, engine houses

These two are known as the Crown Engine Houses, can you imagine building them in that location?

I stood on the cliff top and tried to imagine what the scene must have been like when all the mines were working, with all the noise and clatter, not to mention the black smoke - tough times.

At the end of the day we sat down in Priest Cove and watched the waves washing in over the rocks.

Parts of Cornwall really do feel as if they are in a time warp, it is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of big city life.

Photo Credits - Dominick V & CJT


Louise said...

Thanks for sharing these incredible portions of your hike. It is like no other place I've ever seen. And I think I need to see it one day! Imagine how interesting (I hesitate to say "fun") it would be to take a summer and hike the entire trail. These photos and your commentary are inspirational!

ramblingwoods said...

What scenery Celeste...beautiful...I had never heard of 'tin' mines but they really are in a dangerous place. What a walk to work that would have been...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow. Such gorgeous photos. I bet you were seeing wonderful photo opportunities at every turn. Being surrounded with such beauty must have been very calming and exhilirating at the same time.


Kathiesbirds said...

It looks a like a place I would love a chance to escape to! What a beautiful coastline!