Wednesday, June 17, 2009


For those of you that didn't realise, yes, Penzance is the name of a real place, not just a figment of Messers Gilbert and Sullivan's imagination.
Although I was born in Warwickshire and my family is from there, when I was still a child my parents moved us down to Cornwall so when I visit 'home' now, this means heading down west.
Penzance is an eclectic mix of history, artists and a seaside town so I thought I would try and give you a taste of this unique spot. The most important buildings in any town of course are the pubs! And here is my favorite in Penzance.

This is the Admiral Benbow, check out the man on the roof! He is keeping watch for the Spanish - most people don't realise that the Spanish did actually land on English shores, or strictly speaking, Cornish shores. Hence the man on the roof as look-out.

Further up the same street is the Union Hotel which has this sign outside (you'll have to enlarge it to read) It tells of the hotel being set on fire when the Spanish landed on July 24th 1595.
Before we move on from the local watering holes I thought you might like to see a sample of the local brew.

How many drinks name themselves after the dire effects of what over indulging will do to you!!!? So, moving swiftly is another of my favorite buildings

The local bank! Isn't it grand? Built in 1838 it is the landmark of the town and at night the dome is illuminated.

Down on the seafront the town is dressed up for summer with rows of colourful silk flags

I liked the octopus best :)
And so to some of the local inhabitants..............

Well you didn't think they would be human did you? :)
This is an immature Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo. He is one of the local fishermen, on the quay waiting for a fishing boat that was just coming in, he has worked out the easy way to get his supper. Why go out and fish for yourself when you just have to wait for the boats to come in filled with fish!

Here is another local admiring the scenery. The ever present Herring Gull Larus argentatus.

This local is taking a dip, its a Great Black-backed Gull Larus marinus, the giant among the regions gulls and far less common than the Herring Gull.

Having got used to seeing the sleek, expensive, soulless boats moored in the harbour in Chicago, it is nice to come here and see some 'real' boats in the harbour.

And just in case you thought I paid a little too much attention to the pubs in the town, to redress the balance a little, here is the church, or at least part of it. As you can see palm trees are also very much a common part of the scenery here too.

Photo Credits - CJT


Arija said...

Celeste, isn't it good to be home and to check out the local sights again? Love the figure head and no I was not expecting to see humans:). Love the history and beautifully written sign on the Union Hotel. Penzance certainly had a chequered history, I hope it was at least spared Cromwell, the Spanish were an easy foe in comparison.
Do enjoy your stay and please post more.

Rambling Woods said...

Lovely to see a post from you showing us where you are from. I was only in England when I was a child and only remember bits and pieces. Thanks for taking us on a tour Celeste..
Michelle From Rambling Woods

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The first couple photos had me giggling! What a clever and humourous people muct call Penzanse home. hehe!

The bird photos are really wonderful! The one of the comorant almost looks like he's been punished for his wrong deeds and been chained to the pier. lol!

Thanks for sharing your visit back home with us.