Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I blinked and it has been three weeks since I last posted anything! How did that happen? I had a wonderful week away in San Diego but as for the other two weeks, I am really not sure where they went. I know work has been fairly crazy but then, when isn't it? So I honestly don't have an excuse for the long break, I guess life just got in the way, as it does!
My break in San Diego was blissful, my husband was attending a conference so I had the lovely, long, sunny days to myself. I was horribly lazy and spent my time strolling along the seafront and enjoying the seafaring atmosphere.

Our hotel was right on the seafront so even lounging in our room or lying by the pool I could watch the shipping traffic. San Diego is one of my favorite cities. The fact that it is always sunny and warm does help but also it is a refreshing combination of traditional structures, ultra modern buildings

and a bustling sea port.

There is also a huge military presence

Most of the hardware is kept well away from public access but some decommissioned vessels are open to the public.

The vast majority of vessels are current and active, and every day there is some training going on somewhere. The Navy SEALs were practicing retrieving people from the sea one day when I was watching, the helicopter flew down so close to the water that it almost disappeared into the spray it created.

One of the most spectacular civilian craft was the massive Americas Cup trimaran. It was in port for the entire time we were there and it really is a remarkable vessel. It is hard to convey the size of it with a picture

But maybe this shot of one of the crew working up in the rigging will make it clearer. Check out the size of the mast!

And what of the 'natural' world? Well what was in evidence had a common theme - fish eaters! No surprise there then! Sea lions spent their days along a similar line to me, the vast majority of it spent lounging on the seafront, with an occasional foray out for food. At least I didn't have to catch my own!

The best dressed fisherman was definitely this dapper Snowy Egret. It doesn't matter how many times I see this species, I can't get enough of those outrageous yellow feet!

I had plenty of chance to get my fill of this guy as he was totally focused on his fishing.

It was definitely one of those vacations that I didn't want to end.

All I have to do now is get back into the groove of posting regularly!

Photo Credits - CJT & DominickV


gtyyup said...

Celeste, it looks like you had a fantastic vacation! Your photos really make me want to head over to the Pacific! I haven't been there for years!

I lived with my half-sister just out of high school for a summer in a city just north of San Diego. It really is nice and warm with lots of things to see and do.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Glad to see you're back! I'm laughing right out loud at those bright yellow feet! He looks like he's got hius fancy dance shoes on. lol!
That trimaran was amazing! And the words you kept using 'lounging' and 'lying' and 'strolling' sound so goooood! ahhh! What a restful little vacation you had :)


Rambling Woods said...

Don't worry about posting Celeste. Your posts are so good, you don't need one every day. I have always wanted to go to San Diego as it is supposed to have lovely weather all year long..Unlike Buffalo and Chicago.. @:}

NicoleB said...

That looks like an amazing place.
So much to see and do.
Thanks for taking me along :)!