Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Having lived here for many years

It still is a little hard to adjust to this

I know it looks very picturesque and scenic but I still struggle to enjoy a frozen world

I can certainly see the beauty in the forms

and I can see the funny side of a bunch of guys clearing a rink in the harbour to play ice hockey!

or the family that uses the parking lot to slide around on tubes behind their truck!

Call me soft but I just prefer this

to this

But there is light at the end of the ice tunnel! I am finally getting the opportunity to return to the continent that stole my heart.

Admittedly it is a very different area from where I lived but I am still incredibly excited to be returning to such an amazing part of the world. We are only going for a twelve day vacation (I only went for a vacation last time and ended up staying for nine years!) but once you become smitten with 'the Dark Continent' there is no getting over it. Of course every silver lining has a cloud

But as my arm throbs with all my updated travel vaccinations I just keep dreaming of that hot African sun that warms through to the very marrow of your bones and the extraordinary barrage to the senses of amazing smells, sights and sounds...............suddenly I don't notice the cold :)

Photo Credits - Robin Pope Safaris and CJT


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I think that's why I love living in New Mexico, in the mountains. I get to have the beautiful snow, but can visit the warm desert all in the same day. :)

How exciting! Another foreign trip. You are quite the jet setter, my friend. I can't wait to see all the pics you take and the adventures you'll share.


Rambling Woods said...

I am very happy for you and hubby Celeste...Michelle

Kathiesbirds said...

Oh Celeste, I hope you have so much fun and soak up lots of sun! You know, you can get a similar sun experience down here in Tucson (hint, hint)!