Friday, August 6, 2010


Whenever anything animal related occurs in or around the Museum it is always the Biology Department who gets called upon to sort it out and yesterday was no exception.
We have several large metal dumpsters on the loading dock at the back of the Museum which are emptied by city workers early each morning. Around lunchtime Andrew, our seasonal gardener, discovered that a certain furry someone had got stuck in the bottom of one of them.

It was a very hot day and the heat inside the dumpster was very extreme so we knew we had to get this little guy out as promptly as possible.

Raccoons make look irresistibly cute but, as with any wild animal, they are likely to react rather unfavorably if you try to touch them! So we had to provide him with a means of getting himself out.

A wooden pallet provided a perfect raccoon step ladder! And within less than a minute out he came.

He made his way precariously around the top lip of the dumpster

Took one last look back inside his steamy prison

Before scrabbling his way down the side and trotting off to find a shady spot to cool down.

A good deed done and an unusual use found for an old wooden pallet!

Photo Credits - CJT

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Rambling Woods said...

Lucky raccoon to get out of there...