Thursday, August 5, 2010

SKYWATCH FRIDAY (Sunrise on the Lakeshore)

I can take absolutely no credit for these photos, that all goes to my husband. A few weeks back he decided to partake in an event called 'Bike the Drive.' When the entire length of Lakeshore Drive in Chicago is closed to cars for several hours on a Sunday morning and given over completely to cyclists. Needless to say this is an early morning thing which is how he managed to capture these beautiful shots of an unusually empty beach lit by the gentle light of dawn. I, of course, was still asleep at this point!

For sky views the world over, go to Skywatch Friday.

Photo Credits - DominickV


Sylvia K said...

Well, your husband did an incredible job! These are gorgeous captures! Love the colors and what a fantastic way to end a day! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Have a wonderful weekend!


Light and Voices said...

Moody photos. I like it.
Joyce M

Anonymous said...

Lovely sunrise... Happy Sky Watch Friday!

Tracy said...

Gorgeous sunrise, that is awesome!