Friday, December 26, 2008

SKYWATCH FRIDAY (Memories of Summer)

Like many other people who are doing skywatch pictures this week, there is an element of escapism in my photos. At present we have a thick blanket of snow on the ground, last night the temperature dropped to 5 degrees so now everything is covered in a layer of ice, today we are forecast to have freezing drizzle and fog, then high winds, then torrential rains with a rise in temperature to 44 degrees and flood warnings for our area! This is just not conducive to rushing outside to take pictures of the sky. So I have unearthed some photos from our trip to Cornwall in June when it was actually a pleasure to be outside rather than a misery!

These first two pictures are of an ancient stone structure called Lanyon Quoit, it is a burial chamber that predates the pyramids. The whole structure would have originally been covered with an earth mound and the body would have been inside the chamber created by the stones. It was a perfect day when we hiked up to this spot and we could see for miles, I love the fluffy white clouds floating by.

Not far from the quoit is the remains of an iron age castle. There is not much remaining apart from the entrance way and most of the protective wall that surrounded it. If you go inside and look carefully amongst the bracken you can make out areas that look like possible fire pits and there is the remains of a well there too. The people who chose the location for this castle were very smart, you can see for miles in every direction so there would be no chance of being attacked without warning. It is a great spot to sit and gaze up at the sky. Very often in the Summer the skylarks are hovering way up high and singing their beautiful song. (I told you I was indulging in some escapism! :) )

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Photo Credits - Dominick V


Robert V. Sobczak said...

That's a place I would really love to visit. To catch it on such a perfect day, that would probably be tough. This is similar to the theme that I just posted on, but obviously yours goes back much deeper in time. I would be compelled to walk through the gateway. That would be a walk back through time.

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Wow... that stone structure is amazing! I would love to hike to this area. It looks absolutely beautiful!!

dulce said...

Great photos!

Celeste said...

Robert, it is a fabulous spot and one I have enjoyed many times over the years. I too am always compelled to walk through the gateway :)

Rocky Mtn. Girl, It is a stunning area, on a clear day you can see the coast line and way out to sea from up there.

Dulce, thanks! I loved your post, what a great place to visit.

ramblingwoods said...

Thank you for the escape as my yard is flooded from the pond..Yucky

Arija said...

A very beautiful post, especially for those of us who know and love Cornwall. Love the wild foxgloves at the burial site and the ancient stones and brand new clouds.

gel said...

Contrast of blue sky, clouds and bright flowers this time of year is a welcome sight because it's not that way in my area. Oh, would I love to visit Cornwall. Thanks for sharing these great photos.

Celeste said...

Rambling Woods - We had too much rain too, that's part of the reason I wanted to escape!

Arija - The foxgloves were particularly spectacular this summer, there were masses of them everywhere.

Gel - Cornwall is a very special and unique place to visit with so much beautiful scenery.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The photos of the Lanyon Quoit remind me of a place where fairies, elves and little people might live. Such a magical place.

Beautiful photos. Sometimes escapism is a very good thing :)

New Mexico

Celeste said...

Lisa - It is a magical spot. Actually Cornwall is known for a lot of druid activity and witchcraft! So fairies and little people would fit in perfectly well I suspect. :)

Judy said...

Lovely! Simply lovely! And I mean the photos, not the summer sun!

Celeste said...

Judy - although the summer sun would feel really good right now!