Sunday, January 4, 2009


Most opinion seems to be that 2008 was not a great year and most people seem to be very happy to see the back of it. I try to be an optimistic person so I thought as 2009 dawns I would reflect and try to come up with ten reasons that 2008 was good for me.

1. The people I love most in the world, namely my husband and my parents, remain happy and healthy.
2. I underwent surgery for the first time in my life - why is this a good thing? It made me realise how lucky I am to be a reasonably fit, healthy person.
3. I still have my job! Unlike many people right now.
4. Despite me being a cantankerous creature to be around, I am still married to the most wonderful, unique, sexy, intelligent man in the world.
5. I started blogging and discovered a whole new world of fascinating people.
6. I realised a life-long dream and took a trip to the Galapagos Islands.
7.I felt the sun on my skin, snowflakes on my cheeks, rain in my face and wind in my hair and appreciated them all.
8. I came face to face with a penguin underwater.
9. I get paid to care for animals every day.
10. I'm still here! :)

Happy New Year everyone.


Anonymous said...

I did a list like this in my written journal...I love the 'cantankerous creature' because that describes me very well. You have everything listed that is important..not a car, a house or money..You have it all right. I was very happy to meet you in 2008...Michelle..

gel said...

I also like your phrase "cantankerous creature" and how much you love your husband.
Glad the surgery is behind you.
Wonderful op to visit the G. Islands! A neighbor's daughter went there pre-college. Amazing.

Celeste said...

Michelle - Thank you, I am glad we met too.
I think as life goes by we do learn the things that really matter in life and also the things we can very easily do without.

Gel - Well I am sure my husband would be the first person to agree that I am a cantankerous creature! :)