Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I recently posted about the new birds I was introducing into the Haven Last week I finally opened the cage for them. It caused a little consternation to begin with as first the female Euphonia peeped out

and then the female Twinspot

Of course the male Euphonia couldn't keep away

and even the male Twinspot plucked up the courage to come and take a closer look

With very loud encouragement from the male, the female Euphonia flew out of the cage, all of a rush and landed very ungracefully in the nearest bush. She looked rather startled by the whole thing!

It would be several more hours before the female Twinspot would take the plunge. But eventually, with gentle coaxing from the male, and numerous gifts that he bought for her!

She too eventually left the cage.
The first week of free flying is always the most nerve racking, you never know if the birds are going to get exhausted or panic and fly into a wall or one of the ponds. I left the cage in the Haven for a full week after they had vacated it but, thankfully, there were no mishaps.
And now? Well, as expected the Euphonias were very quick off the mark in pairing up, a couple of days ago I found them mating very loudly and enthusiastically! (No photos, this is a family friendly site :) )

The Twinspots are far more discrete and well mannered! But I think it would be fair to say that the pair bond is strong.............
1, 2, 3 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Photo Credits - CJT


Anonymous said...

Oh..that is so sweet...He really was bringing gifts..what exactly was that he had in his mouth. Nothing like a love story..

Arija said...

Gaw shucks, aint they cute!Itis so good to see them flying free and indulging in all the pursuits nature intended them for even if this is a family blog.

gtyyup said...

Awww that is so sweet...bearing gifts to his girl~~kind of like My Man bringing me coffee in bed every morning! LOL...beautiful pics of the couples...I'm sure you are relieved that all is going well~~

Oh, I got your meme...thank you! I'm working on my answer...not an easy one...but is making me think!

Celeste said...

Rambling Woods - Yes he was really bringing gifts. In the photos he has a few blades of grass and a little white feather but it varies, sometimes he will bring a nice leaf that he finds - he is so romantic!

Arija - It is an absolute joy to watch them interacting together although I am always so nervous when they first start to fly around.

Gtyyup - Well I think you and Mrs Twinspot have both got good mates ;) I am very relieved that they have survived the transition time so well. It helps having a mate looking out for you I guess!
I shall look forward to reading your five joys.