Monday, January 12, 2009


Things looked a little different when I woke up on Saturday morning. Being on the 21st floor I am used to a panoramic view of Lake Michigan to the east and the Chicago skyline to the south, well here's the lake!

Can you see it? It's just beyond the harbour there!
And here is the magnificent Chicago skyline!

Hmmmm you can't see it?
At the end of the day we ended up with a foot of snow which is relatively unusual for downtown Chicago, usually we just get a few inches at a time right next to the lake.
Meanwhile, back down at ground level, there was one hardy character who was dressed appropriately for the weather.

He was sitting outside a glass door which is how I managed to get such close shots of him, I guess the reflection must have had him fooled that he didn't seem to notice me.

He looks wonderfully warm in his thick winter coat.
Our forecast for tonight is blizzard warnings and then a steep temperature drop tomorrow to minus 'who-knows-what! Look out Mr Rabbit, there is worse to come!

Photo Credits - CJT


Arija said...

Looks like you are about to enjoy a bit of weather! A magnificent specimen of stew you have shot here. I hope he is a well versed city rabbit and manages to forage and survive. Great photos.

In the days when I lived in the sub-arctic a white out was when you could hardly see your own feet and certainly no further than your own length.

Anonymous said...

We had it too. I love the bunny. I always put out some bunny food when the snow gets really deep...

gtyyup said...

Yes, that lil' bunny seems well prepared for the winter storm...hope you are too and are staying warm. We definitely live in opposite life styles...all the more interesting ;~)

Celeste said...

Arija - He is a pretty savy city rabbit, they get chased all over the place by dogs and coyotes and yet still survive! I just loved his winter coat.

Rambling Woods - With all the love and care you give to the local wildlife I think your backyard must look like a Disney movie - full of all types of (very lucky) creatures :)

Gtyyup - Your blog is my escape from city life although I do get a little jealous too :) I am just a country girl at heart!