Friday, January 2, 2009

SKYWATCH FRIDAY (Sun-up to sun-down)

I woke up to this dramatic sunrise this week, it is another one of those almost abstract scenes.

Great! I thought, I can use those images for Skywatch Friday. Then when I came home from work on the same day I saw the sunset!
I tried really hard to get the new moon in focus but I obviously need to take more water with my whisky!! Or maybe more whisky with my water! Whatever, sorry it isn't quite clear.

It was definitely a two for one skywatch day.

For images of the sky from around the world, check out Skywatch Friday.

Photo Credits - CJT


gtyyup said...

Both sunrise and sunset photos are beautiful, but I'm partial to the cityscape moon photo...excellent!

Linda Reeder said...

It's a good day that begins and ends with beauty.

Steffi said...

Fantastic photos!Happy SWF and a very happy and peaceful new year 2009 to you!

Tammie Lee said...

amazing sky colors

esnorway said...

Nice pics the last is my fav happy new year

Grammy said...

What a wonderful photos.
I love the sky full of color.
Happy new year.
Lake of the Ozarks, Mo. USA

One Red Horse said...

I love the moon shot with the foreground of sharp edged buildings. Lovely colors.

gel said...

Lucky and talented you! The moods you caught are awesome! Dawn peeking through dark. That crescent moon against the brilliant colors and the building silhouettes. Glad I found you via SWF.

Rambling Woods said...

All the photos are wonderful Celeste. I struggle with the moon the most, but you moon looks very good...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow. That cityscape with the moon is stunning! Looks professionally done.

All your photos look great. You've been seeing some very pretty skies lately.

New Mexico

The Arthur Clan said...

You really had a fantastic SkyWatch day ~ wow!

Celeste said...

Gtyyup - Yes, after I posted the pictures I thought that one looked the nicest.

Linda Reeder - It was a particularly spectacular skywatch day for sure.

Steffi - Happy 2009 to you too :)

Tammy Lee - Thanks for dropping by.

esnorway - Thanks and Happy New Year.

Celeste said...

Grammy - Thanks. The sky is amazing with its constantly changing array of colours.

One Red Horse - Thanks, Happy New Year.

gel - Thanks so much, glad you liked my pictures. And thanks for dropping by.

Rambling Woods - Thanks Michelle, I had to take lots of shots to get one reasonable one! The advantage of digital photography!

Laughing Orca Ranch - Thanks! Just lucky that I happened to look out of the window at the right moment I guess.

The Arthur Clan - Thanks, Happy New Year.

Louise said...

Glad you didn't choose one or the other. Morning and evening are both wonderful!

Judy said...

What a treat, to have the day start and end with such beautiful skies!
Thanks for sharing!

Celeste said...

Louise - I would never do that I always post far too many photos :)

Judy - It was a suprising day for getting skywatch shots.