Tuesday, November 3, 2009


On Wednesday last week one of the local TV stations came to the Museum to help us promote our ten year anniversary celebrations and in particular to talk about an event I came up with last year that we run the night before Halloween, called Supper with the Snakes. It is a really fun event where all the children dress up in their Halloween costumes and come to the Museum, meet all our snakes and take part in all sorts of snake related games and activities.
Anyway, the presenter arrived and we were doing a number of different slots with various different animals, with a loose Halloween theme running throughout. We started with the tarantula, which she was terrified of - OK well fair enough, plenty of people don't like large spiders.

(The photos are all taken on a cell phone so they are not the greatest.) We did a segment with the Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches which she hated. Well that is OK, cockroaches aren't exactly cute and cuddly! Then we did the snake segment and she was terrified of them too! Now these are about the most mellow of snakes imaginable but I know some people find them a little daunting so fair enough.

Here is the link It gives you a pretty good idea of how not into them she really was! Now bear in mind we are trying to promote an event here so some positive images would be good! The final piece I was doing I went for my best ambassador, he's furry and friendly and usually wins everyone around!

I don't know if you can see him sitting on my shoulder but it is Scabbers our rat. He is a real charmer and behaved impeccably throughout the piece, politely taking a treat from the presenter and sitting on my shoulder delicately nibbling it. And the picture below shows the presenters reaction to him!!

Oh well I guess I do work with some slightly less appealing animals although I love them all. In spite of her rather questionable coverage we did get a good reaction to the pieces and the bookings for the event doubled in 24 hours. What is the line about all publicity is good publicity? I guess it is true after all.

Photo Credits - C. Dunn


Arija said...

What a great fun event! No wonder your bookings went sky high. I'd love to handle most of your beauties but although I lke to have a huntsman in our bedroom in the summer to take care of the mozzies, i don't know that I would be equally comfortable with a tarantula.

gtyyup said...

OK...I have to admit that I'm totally comfortable reading about the snakes,spiders etc...but, I'm afraid I'd be reacting like the TV gal if I were in the same room...how embarrassing for a tough cowgirl! LOL When I find a rattle snake here, I just give it a very WIDE berth!

But, I do like your turtles!

Rambling Woods said...

Good old Scabbers to the rescue. A little ratty can charm anyone...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yeh, they might have sent you a 'tougher' TV person instead of someone afraid of her own shadow. lol!
I'm not real comfie with many of those critters, but as long as noon is throwing them at me or expecting me to pet them, I'm fascinated and don't mind them at all.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Just watched the video. She's a loon! lol!Maybe she should have taken some valium before she showed up. hehe!

I enjoyed hearing your voice, though and loved seeing your face and matching up name to face. You are enchanting to listen to. :)