Friday, November 6, 2009


I have posted about our media hungry Box Turtle, Harrison before. He has done various TV pieces over the years and he seems to relish all the attention. His latest project is as our promo-guy for our current exhibit, the National Geographic, Critter Cam. We got a tiny little spy camera which is light enough that it doesn't inhibit him at all and he made a little video piece which I posted recently.
Last Saturday Harrison and I had a very early morning as we headed down to the NBC studios for an appearance on the morning show. As usual he was a total star and won the hearts of all the lady presenters. Unfortunately the link that they sent us of the piece is very swirly and I have not managed to work out how to download it onto my blog. However he did do another piece for a local college media website and I do have the link for that here. (Sorry about the occasional pixilation on the video.)
Is this turtle a natural celebrity or what!?

Photo Credits - CJT


Rambling Woods said...

Oh that Harrison...I enjoyed the video Celeste.. He really does have the star quality doesn't he. I wanted to ask you a question. In my Nature Notes post this week, I talked about finding a baby snapper in the garage and I wondered how the baby turtles know which way water is when they come out of the nest and why this one didn't overwinter in the nest..if you know... Michelle

Kathiesbirds said...

Celeste, did you get my return email? I did get yours and I would love to meet. Let me know 'cause I will try again if you didn't. BTW, Harrison is adorable.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! And there you are having settle just walking in his shadow as he gets all the adoration. hehe!

Yay for Harrison! The best spokes-turtle ever!


gtyyup said...

Does Harrison get fan mail?!? I wouldn't be surprised if he does...a true camera ham!