Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We have a fantastic Farmers Market located in the park near our apartment. At this time of year the displays of colours and produce is just spectacular.

I have been wanting to do a post about it for several weeks. But regular as clockwork, every Saturday morning when we were heading off to the market, it would cloud over and start to rain. I kept thinking, 'Oh well I'll do it next week when the weather is better.' Now fall is almost over and we still haven't had a nice sunny Saturday so in desperation I snapped off a couple of shots in spite of the rain.

I then went about getting my shopping but it was very wet and chilly so it was a brief visit. When I got home I started unpacking my purchases. When I got to the fingerling potatoes I smiled and showed my husband the slightly suggestive potatoe that I had inadvertently picked up.

Then I started unpacking the decorative gourds and mini pumpkins that I had got to decorate for the season. OH MY!!! Well that is more than 'slightly suggestive.' I could ask - what was I thinking? But I think the answer to that question is self-explanatory!

I wonder if I should get him some penicillin??!!

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Photo Credits - CJT


Kathiesbirds said...

Very colorful and very funny! I don't think you need penicillin, I think you need a glass of wine, some soft music and some candles and let nature take its course! Have fun!

gtyyup said...

What a surprise! LOL! The farmer's market photos are beautiful despite the rain...looked like a really fun day!

Rambling Woods said...

LOL...that is tooooo funny....

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ummm, that gourd definetly looks infected. lol! Bring on the penicillen. lol!

That is so funny....yeh one suggestive veggie, I can see, but TWO? There is def. a pattern here, Celeste! lol!

You could photograph them creatively and create a fun framed poster for your kitchen.....or maybe your bedroom would be a more appropriate place? lol!