Friday, July 25, 2008


Just when I was beginning to think I had bred the first ever pedestrian Melba Finch, little Indy finally took to the air. It was pretty heart stopping stuff for the first couple of days as he careened from tree to shrub to tree with some rather messy landings. I wasn't the only one who was a little concerned, both parents were in close attendance at all times and the male was rattling his alarm call whenever junior took to the air! His very favorite pass time though is still most definitely eating. Here he is under Mom's watchful eye. Daffy the beautiful Green Honeycreeper was less in evidence recently and eventually I worked out why. She had built a perfect little nest and produced two eggs. Unfortunately she doesn't have a mate so they won't be fertile but if I take them away she will probably start the entire process over again. So I have to leave her to it. She is taking full advantage of the situation though. Instead of coming to the food bowl for her waxworms in the afternoon like she used to, she sits in her nest and waits for me to feed her there! No, of course the animals in my care aren't spoiled!
It seems that the male Red-legged Honeycreeper has finally stopped gazing at himself in the mirror long enough to start surveying potential nesting sites. Here he is with the female checking out one of the nesting baskets I had put up.
It seems that it may have met with their approval because when I checked back later the female had apparently started work bringing in nesting material. There is a certain amount of natural vegetation in the Haven that they use and I supplement this with commercial nesting products. Here, the female has selected some strands of sisal, a natural fibre used to make rope.

Photo Credits - CJT


Rambling Woods said...

Are these birds near your house or at the museum?

Celeste said...

Rambling Woods - They are at the Museum in a huge tropical, exhibit called the 'Haven.'