Monday, July 28, 2008


Check this out - an amazing series of photos captured by Hal Brindley that shows a leopard attacking and successfully killing a crocodile, pretty awesome.
The article states that this has never been known to occur before but I have to beg to differ on that, when I lived in Zambia we did have an incidence of a leopard killing and partially eating a croc but it was a fair bit smaller than this one and, of course, as is always the way none of us had a camera! Oh well, finally someone has captured it on film.

Photo Credits - Hal Brindley


Rambling Woods said...

Able to kill a croc to eat it? How and why did you live in Zambia? I am just curious, but maybe that is prying. If it is, just ignore me.LOL..

Celeste said...

Michelle - No not prying, I lived there for nine years, working as a safari guide. I feel hugely lucky to have experienced all the amazing things that I did whilst there. Then a man from Chicago came on safari, and he is now my husband!!!! So I find myself on this continent now.