Wednesday, July 23, 2008


For those of you that read my post about Galapagos tortoises you will remember that I mentioned Lonesome George the male tortoise who was the last known living specimen of his kind. Lonesome George has been living with two females for many years and never shown any interest in them. That is until now! It seems that Lonesome George may have to be known as just George from now on. He has been seen mating with the females and a clutch of eggs have been laid. The prize for the oddest place to hear this piece of news has to go to CNBC a business channel that has a program each day called Fast Money. Fast Money has a segment called Pops and Drops where they feature the best and worst stocks of that day - well Lonesome George made it as a 'Pop'! Here's the link -
You will have to endure all the stock picks to get to it because he is the final item. It appears that they were struggling to find any positive financial news!

Photo Credits - Dominick V


Rambling Woods said...

You devil George..did the eggs hatch?

Celeste said...

Michelle - I have not heard any more about it, I will have to do a bit more investigating ;)