Friday, September 26, 2008


I was walking home from work yesterday when I spotted this cheeky character sitting on the back of a park bench having her picnic. I just couldn't resist a photo. Unfortunately with city squirrels the closer you get to them, the closer they will come to you because they are so used to being fed. So I had to get the picture from a distance and sure enough when I tried to get closer she hopped down onto the bench seat to see if I had anything tastier that she might like!

Of course when she discovered that I had nothing to offer except my camera she started telling me off in an extremely loud voice. So now I get scolded by squirrels on my way home from work?!

Photo Credits - CJT


reluctantfarmchik said...

Did you chatter back? Doesn't prevent them from coming closer and scolding, but somehow it makes you feel better :-) Very cool shots. Like the butterfly/moth series in your next entry too - very nicely captured. Thanks for correcting my terminology on the strip mining thing. Glad you stopped by this week!

Celeste said...

Reluctantfarmchik - I should try that! They would probably enjoy it, they are so cheeky!

Rambling Woods said...

A nursing Mom from the looks of it. They get my sympathy with the tray bird feeder since my friend who rehabs them tells me what great Moms they are. I too get scolded...LOL..

Celeste said...

Rambling woods - They are very endearing. I have no patience for the people who refer to them as tree rats. Anything that can survive Chicago winters living in a tree gets my respect!