Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I was walking home from work yesterday and as I passed under one particular tree I noticed white feathers drifting down. My past life as a Safari Guide in Africa immediately kicked in and I was searching the branches for a predator. Eventually I spotted an immature Coopers Hawk feasting on a white city pigeon. Sadly he was too shy for me to get a photo so to give you an idea, check out this great shot A couple of people ran past the tree and startled the hawk, he took off, firmly clutching the pigeon in his talons and flew to another tree. It was a great sight.


Michelle's Rambling Woods said...

Hawks....You shared on my blog about the problems people have. I only know if I send a photo to Cornell. I try to remember head, shape, tail etc..still can't tell...But I am new to birding and hawks are hard..

Celeste said...

Hawks are a nighmare! The fact that they keep their immature plumage for so long, in some cases years, and it gradually changes over time makes them a huge challenge. That combined with the fact that there are many species with a lot of characteristics in common makes them SO difficult. But I guess that is part of the reason that we get hooked on birding?