Tuesday, September 9, 2008


As I was walking round the pond at lunchtime today I noticed a common theme - everyone was enjoying the late summer sun. This pair of turtles were clearly making the most of the warmth to thermoregulate. They will spend the long winter months buried deep in the mud to avoid freezing.

Invertebrates were also much more in evidence than usual, when the sun is hotter at the height of summer they are far more likely to be on the underside of the leaf to avoid the suns full intensity and potential predation.

Mallards, of course, are here all year round so they can obviously tolerate pretty wide temperature swings. This pond is a particular favorite of theirs for two reasons - one: people come and feed them, and two: there are several aerators bubbling away so parts of the pond remain unfrozen all winter.

Another hardy native, this grey squirrel looked quite blissful, I almost felt like I should hand her a pina colada and the suntan cream! It still amazes me that they survive our horrible winters tucked inside a little bundle of leaves, in the crook of a tree. Long may this peaceful, warm, sunny spell continue and all the critters (and us humans) can enjoy the good times.

Photo Credits - CJT


Tommy V said...

nice series of photos from your walk.

Celeste said...

Thanks Tommy - it made a nice break from work.

DougT said...

Great shot of the differential grasshopper.

Celeste said...

Thanks Doug - he was just outside our door!

Michelle's Rambling Woods said...

Nice photos..love the ducks..three drakes and a hen..

Celeste said...

Michelle - Yes, at least she doesn't need to worry too much about that ratio at this time of year!!