Sunday, September 14, 2008


I posted yesterday that we were in Indianapolis for the inaugural Indianapolis Moto GP. The forecast was that the remnants of Hurricane Ike were due to hit, right around race time. True to form he slammed into us about an hour before the race was due to begin. The wind was gusting and swirling at 60mph and there was torrential, horizontal rain. But Nascar this is not, these Moto GP guys race in (almost) any weather. The weather cleared up a bit so the race was on. Rossi was in pole position for the start but, as usual, he slipped a couple of places on the opening lap. Here he is in third place coming round to complete lap one.

As the race got underway the weather started to deteriorate, the rain got worse and there was standing water all around the track. Then the wind started to pick up too, in the centre field one of the big concession tents for Yamaha was ripped to pieces, one of the tents in the Ducatti area took off and wiped out rows of beautiful parked bikes! Meanwhile Valentino Rossi was just getting into his groove on the race track!

He soon caught up with the rider in second place and made short work of him.

Then he set his sights on Nicky Hayden, the local hero who was leading the race, and started reeling him in.

It took a few laps, during which the weather just got more and more horrific. Flags were being ripped off flag poles and stuff was flying all over the track.

Rossi soon took the lead from Hayden and then started opening up a lead, by this time none of us could believe that they were able to keep the bikes upright, let alone race around a track at over 150 mph. (FYI if it had been dry they would have been moving at almost 200 mph!) By now the helicopter that was filming the race from overhead was really having a problem staying in control - and still these guys raced! Eventually the race was declared after 20 of 28 laps and Rossi had won!

I tried to stand up to cheer as he won and almost got blown off my feet! How did these guys manage to stay on their bikes? Truly an amazing, exhilarating and rather soggy, afternoon.

For those of you that don't share my passion for fierce motors - I will be back to things more nature oriented next week!

Photo Credits - Dominick V

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Eve said...

Hi Celeste!
We have a couple mutual friends and I thought I would pop in and say hi! Now I love nature but really share your love of all things fast! Oh and I had a few good pet rats as a kid! Smart little buggars they are! I will be checking in to see if you get yourself a fast least I'll be rooting for it!!